MFDC: Math Fluency Data Collaborative

The Mathematics Fluency Data Collaborative is a collaborative project led by Carnegie Learning partnering with the Games for Learning Institute at New York University, Game2Learn at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center at Carnegie Mellon University, Pellisippi State Community College and PlayPower. We have also partnered with the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges and Boise State University as implementation partners.

Our goal is to dramatically improve performance in developmental mathematics courses by building games that help students develop the number sense required to succeed in mathematical problem solving. We are addressing the open core courseware challenge, but also address blended learning, learner analytics and student engagement.

MFDC will establish a community of practice that values iterative testing and refinement based on careful examination of student data. We will provide data to the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center so that researchers can mine the data to better understand the parameters that lead to success. The game code will be released under an open source license, so that the games can serve as a model for additional development as well as a platform for researchers interested in developing and testing improvements to the games. Games produced under this effort will be included with Carnegie Learning’s Cognitive Tutor software, which is currently used by over 500,000 students in school environments each year. The widespread distribution of high-quality, effective educational software will serve as a message to the market that educational games are both effective and accepted.

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